Boost Your Portable Gaming Screen Size By 188%

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Beauty shot of ORION Nintendo Switch Screen Size Booster.

Learn Why ORION Is A Gamer's Dream

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A Portable Gaming Revolution of Stellar Proportions

ORION gives you a bigger and better way to play your favorite Nintendo® games. You'll fall in love with its 11.6 inch screen and epic stereo sound speakers.

ORION will boost your Nintendo Switch screen size but 188%.

ORION Was Built By Passionate Gamers Like You

We love the Nintendo Switch® just like everyone else. But, if you're like us, a "normal" gaming experience just doesn't cut it. ORION will take your gaming experience to the next level by letting you play your favorite Switch® games on the go with 188% the screen size.

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Boost your Nintendo Switch gaming experience with ORION.

High-Octane Gaming In A Snap.

ORION couldn't be easier to use. Simply plug your Nintendo Switch® unit and controllers in and you are ready to play. You'll be up and running minutes after opening the package you get in the mail.

ORION is Here...

ORION's has officially launched on Indiegogo! Don't miss out on exclusive early bird pricing opportunity. Reserve your unit now before they run out!

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Game Big. Look Sleek.

Get a bigger screen size without sacrificing a fraction of that sleek mobile experience we all love. With its sleek design and gaming stand, ORION is all pros and no cons.

Get a big portable gaming screen while maintaining a sleek appearance.
Snap your Nintendo Switch right into the back of ORION.
Snap your Nintendo Switch right into the back of ORION.

Don't Miss The Chance To Take Part In A Portable Gaming Revolution.

Due to massive computer chip shortages globally we are only able to make a limited supply of ORION units. Don't miss out on getting yours at an exclusive early bird price before supplies dry up.

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